Expert Advice – Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Famous Fad Diets

Expert Advice – Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Famous Fad Diets

Expert Advice – Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Famous Fad Diets

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In the days of fads and fitness buffs, we tend to follow anything under the sun which will help us lose weight. These fad diets may work for us temporarily and give good results but in the long run, some can do damage to our bodies. This is why it becomes imperative to understand the Pros and Cons of different kinds of fad diets. Here, nutritionist and dietician, Vidusha Parashar, shares some facts with us;


Atkins Diet is a LOW CARBOHYDRATES DIET that enables your body to lose weight in a natural way by motivating a change in your eating habits and metabolism. It works on the principle of severely restricting carbohydrates intake in your daily diet/meal plan. But one can eat as much protein one want to have.

You are allowed to have carbohydrates from vegetables only and not allowed have white flour – maida, atta, rice, idli, dosa, noodles, and pasta.

Pros –

It helps in weight loss.

Reduces cholesterol levels

Reduced blood glucose for diabetics and pre-diabetics.

Improves insulin sensitivity

Decrease blood pressure

Lower blood insulin level

Helps in cardiovascular diseases


Some people get adverse effects on their health like –

Frequent headaches






The body goes into Ketosis and causes a burden for kidneys

May lead to a deficiency in certain nutrients.

Adversely affects the calcium level in the body.

Difficult to maintain weight as you may gain what you lost once you are back on carbohydrates again.

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Keto diet is high in fats, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Keto diet put your body into Ketosis. Ketosis is when your body is high in fats but less in carbs so your liver creates ketones. ketones are substances made when the body breaks down fat into energy. This process is called KETOSIS. It metabolises fat to provide energy and your body goes into a fat burning mode and as a result, you start losing weight.

The ketogenic diet has been used for decades as a treatment for epilepsy. But these days people are using it for weight loss.

Pros –

It reduces insulin levels.

Weight loss happens till you start eating carbs again.

Great way to detox from sugar

Cons –


Excessive thirst and dry mouth

Frequent urination

Abdominal pain

Nausea and vomiting

Weight gain easily once you leave it.

Low fiber diet so results in constipation.

Many people end eating fats that are not healthy.


Vegans are individuals who choose to avoid consuming animal products Instead, they eat various different plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and products made from these foods.

Pros –

High in fiber

Low in saturated fats and rich in nutrients.


Food choice and preparation is quiet difficult .

Low in several nutrients like vitamin B12, Vit D, iodine, iron, calcium, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids.

You should include some supplements if you are on a vegan diet.


Intermittent fasting is not a diet rather dieting pattern. Intermittent fasting generally means that you consume your calories during a specific window of the day, and choose not to eat food for a larger window of time. Fasting for 16 hours and then only eating within a specific 8-hour window. For example, only eating from noon-8 PM, essentially skipping breakfast. Intermittent fasting is commonly used for weight loss because it leads to relatively easy calorie restriction. It can make you eat fewer calories overall, as long as you don’t overcompensate by eating much more during the eating periods. You can also opt for 14-hour fasting or 13-hour fasting and still get results.


Weight loss if you choose the right food. Choosing the right food is important, otherwise, you may not see effective results. for eg. with fried food you will feel a loss of energy even if you follow this diet.

Cholesterol control

Maintains triglycerides

Most people don’t experience loss of energy even though they have been fasting.


It may not suit everyone.

May lead to binge eating.

It’s not a diet which you should do every day.

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It is based on science nutrigenetics. Foods you eat react chemically with your blood type. If you follow a diet designed for your blood type, your body will digest food more efficiently. You’ll lose weight, have more energy, and help prevent disease.

Pros –

Diet helps in digestion.

Will give you more energy.

Best for weight loss

No side effects

No starvation

No need to give up your carbohydrates.

You can understand what food suits you best and maintain your weight eating accordingly.


All blood type diets do recommend exercise as well to lose weight.

You should be a little innovative to enjoy your meal.

Hope that this article helps your decision before you plan to adopt any fad diets blindly. We would, however, suggest consulting a proper dietician or doctor before you start on any of the above fad diets.

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Vidusha is a Wellness expert. She is a qualified Diet Counselor &
a Naturopath. She has been running her Diet Consultancy for the last 10 years in Mumbai & Delhi. She is best known for her scientifically designed program based on “Nutri-Genetics” i.e. the study of nutrition based on the genetic makeup (Prakriti) of an individual.
Numerous clients have benefitted from her Blood Group based Diets helping them lose weight the natural way—with no artificial/chemical
supplements. Which is where our ideologies meet.

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