How to change your normal diet mistakes this year…

How to change your normal diet mistakes this year…

How to change your normal diet mistakes this year…

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Even if your diet wasn’t a success in previous years, you can still take advantage of all the lessons learned along the way and make this year count. Tried Keto and it wasn’t for you? Perhaps there were some aspects of it that really worked and you learned how different carbs affect you. Diet mistakes aren’t all bad, just like dating, they help you figure out what’s really good for you.

Trends that turn past diet mistakes into a positive:

Interpret your body’s language.
Stop listening to everyone telling you what foods to eat and ask yourself what health problems you are trying to solve. Do you struggle with joint pain or lack of energy? How do grains, meat or dairy impact these symptoms? You won’t know if food is the culprit or the cure to your problem unless you hone the skill to interpret your body’s language!

Create an individual food plan and lose the guilt.
Take what you learned in the past experimenting with different eating styles and create your own food plan. Own your food plan without excuses. Incorporate a certain amount of sweets or processed foods into it if you want. Don’t call them a “treat,” you’re not a dog. These foods are simply part of your food plan so there’s no surprise when you eat them. Set the bar at a realistic level and set yourself up to succeed.

Experiment with more plant-based meals or new vegetables.
Start with veggies you like and expand from there using the Personal Best food transition. Test out new plant-based recipes and incorporate change into your cooking routine.

Find your tribe.
Talking to others who have a similar problem/diet is most helpful when transitioning to a diet with restrictions. This year, find others who have a similar health problem or eating style to share ideas and lessons learned.

Take advantage of new technology and tools.
Use on-line shopping, apps to track your foods and water consumption and treat yourself to a new kitchen tool this year.

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