how to lose weight without doing anything

how to lose weight without doing anything

how to lose weight without doing anything

Though exercising is considered to be necessary for loosing weight but I think without it too we can loose weight.

It is well researched and established fact that 80% of body transformation takes place with changes in diet and 20% is through exercise, so if we want to skip exercising then we need to take care of 80% that is diet.

Now what to eat and what not you can easily consult online, consult dietician or Dr but I just want to add important points.

Chew your food as slowly as possible (generally it’s 32 times bites) , now how does that help.. It simply delays your eating time and it is said that around 30 min time is required for signals to go from stomach to brain and as brain gets signal it feels full, so you will eat less.
Just down size the plate in which you eat and make a point not to refill it, take whatever you want once only.
Mentally relax don’t get stressed because more you are stressed more you will want to eat , you will loose focus and once brain is distracted you will not realize how much overeating you have done
Sleep is important too, one should have sound sleep, it is said 7 to 8 hours sleep but I think quality of sleep is important than hour, if you can sleep few hours undisturbed and deep than it’s more than enough, idea is to get your body and mind relaxed.
Don’t exercise but try to visit gym or go joggers park and just watch people doing exercise, by visually our brain starts thinking and acting as if our body is exercising too, so don’t do physical exercise but think about it.
Drink lot of water and keep yourself well hydrated
Go for steam bath that will not only remove toxins but will burn fat too.
Take mud therapy, in this wet mud is rubbed all around the body and you need to lie in sunlight for 30 min aprox it will gradually tighten skin and will pull out excess heat inside
Take enema once a month this will remove extra toxins and will improve metabolism, better metabolism will help in reducing weight.
Taking these steps will definately help in reducing weight , ofcource without exercising

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