Behind the Pulpit

Behind the Pulpit

Behind the Pulpit

The Unitarian Memorial Church
Fairhaven, Massachusetts
December 19th, 2014

I was lucky enough to me invited to spend the afternoon inside one of the town of Fairhaven’s most iconic structures, the Unitarian Memorial Church. The first image seen here is not of the church but of the stage in the adjacent building’s auditorium that is connected to the church. There is not a single inch inside these buildings that there isn’t a feast for the eyes.

Many, many images to follow, stay tuned.

Some history of the church in general:

"The Unitarian Memorial Church in Fairhaven Massachusetts was built, financed and donated to the Unitarians in 1904 by Henry H. Rogers in memory of his mother, Mary Eldredge Huttleston. The architects Brigham, Coveney and Bisbee of Boston designed this church in the 15th century Gothic perpendicular style.

The Unitarian Memorial Church is one hundred fourteen feet in height, one hundred feet long in body and fifty-three feet wide. The nave is thirty-two feet wide and seventy-one feet long. The main aisle is sixty-two feet long and six feet wide.

The church, parish house and former parsonage (now Harrop Center) of the Unitarian Society are so placed as to form three sides of a quadrangle, set among well-kept lawns and shrubbery.

Granite (locally quarried) with Indiana limestone decorative carvings dominate the exterior while marble and limestone carvings dominate the interior. All stonework artistry was created by forty-five Italian craftsmen brought to Fairhaven by Rogers."


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