bright days, new life pending.

bright days, new life pending.

bright days, new life pending.

these days mostly sunny days, with warm air and enlightening sun ray. this
week i enjoyed my working space a lot: with twitter updates in view, and
instant message of most accounts ready at fingertip. what’s most exciting, i
got google voice for 3 family google accounts, in the cheat of American
user. even now i don’t have a single friend outside of inland, i still felt
quite contented with the powerful tool google offers. i in view the day
China united with the freedom world in borderless clearly. i envision China
can be a interesting and respectable partner of the fruitful Christian

also we got quite some social sites interwoven. i finished the needed
authentication to let post to my facebook, twitter via 3rd part tools, like
seesmic or brizzly, both too nice to miss. i see its quite right to make
full use of this kind of posting against spying eye from day to day harsh
China surveillance. the world of cyberspace merging into coherence while
China authority tries all its means to separate China from the world
democracy, Chinese to global citizen.

this week we less gamed, for after experience so many breathtaking large
games, baby son and me both loathed to try less interesting games, or small
games. but a recent release, "De blob", attracted him 2 nights. he gamed it
alone. we also picked his favorite game, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meat
Balls", we made progress in once dead lock in another large game.

its a peaceful warm winter afternoon now. i didn’t saw the tall girl in QRRS
for 2 days, in the rush time of QRRS, my once and long time employer, a
state-owned enterprise. last time when i shown my salute from my office
window, she abrupt cut way to the other side of the road just under my
window with her female companion. i see its a signal of her loath of waiting
and being watched. the coming 2 days i busy in office, missing the rush time
people’s flow outside of the lane. i really don’t intend to do anything, i
trust God to bring me my beloved. and by the way, now i want to attend my
baby till he grows 8 years on the earth. on the other side, i would never
miss a chance to live in the harmony with my girl, in warmth of new life.

its work time now. dogs around biting heavily as usual. the day before
yesterday i decided to give up the inspire upon a cute girl in the community
of, a affiliate of the monopoly of Chinamobile. i got holy message
that the name is complicated for me, for my longing for sanity and dewy,
longing of pure girl. i see ever brighter future of my love.

bye for now, all my beloved. i pray u r in right mood and feeling love of
the blessed, love of peace. winter coming, chill gathering, but lasting is
the saint and pure light heart.

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