Chivers Residence - 1921

Chivers Residence – 1921

Chivers Residence - 1921

(Ioco Townsite – Heritage Registered Building)
306 First Avenue, Port Moody, BC Canada


The Chivers Residence is a modest one-and-one-half-storey plus basement Arts and Crafts bungalow. It is located on a terraced site bordered by a coursed granite wall, on First Avenue in Ioco, an early Imperial Oil Company town in Port Moody, British Columbia. Similar in design to other houses in the Ioco townsite, it features twin-coursed shingle siding, a low-pitched side gable roof with overhanging eaves, exposed rafters and a prominent shed roof dormer. The Chivers Residence is listed as a heritage site within the Ioco Heritage Conservation Area.


The Chivers Residence is valued as a reflection of the early development of the Ioco townsite, a company town developed by Imperial Oil near its refinery on the north shore of Burrard Inlet. The site was selected in 1914 and subdivided in 1921. Forty new workers’ houses were designed by prominent local architects Blackadder and MacKay and built by the Dominion Construction Company of Vancouver. Fifteen additional houses, originally situated on the Ioco grounds, were also moved to the townsite, creating an instant community. The houses were situated strategically according to rank, with lower paid workers assigned to the western side of the townsite. The town also included a community hall, two grocery stores, a restaurant, a meat market, churches and a school. The surviving residences represent the birth of Ioco as a community and company town.

Built in 1921, the Chivers Residence is also significant for its modest Arts and Crafts detailing and for its association with first owner Charles George Chivers, who worked as a treater at the Imperial Oil Refinery for forty years, retired in 1945, and lived in the house until his death in 1973. The residence displays elements of the Craftsman movement popularized through countless periodicals and plan books, including a simple rectangular plan, overhanging eaves with exposed rafters and purlins, and an inset verandah. Associated landscape features, such as the terraced site with coursed-granite wall and mature trees, contribute to the setting of the Chivers Residence.

Source: City of Port Moody Planning Department


Key elements that define the heritage character of the Chivers Residence include its:
– location, on the west side of First Avenue within the historic company town of Ioco, amongst other houses of similar form and scale, with views of Burrard Inlet
– residential form, scale and massing as expressed by its one-and-one-half-storey plus basement height, rectangular plan, side-gabled roof with overhanging eaves, and prominent shed roof dormer
– wood-frame construction, with twin-coursed cedar shingle siding
– Arts and Crafts details such as exposed rafters and purlins, inset verandah
– central red-brick chimney
– variety of windows including multi-paned casement windows in single and multiple assembly, now boarded over
– associated landscape features such as the terraced site with coursed-granite wall fronting First Avenue, and mature coniferous trees at rear of property

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