Something made earlier

Something made earlier

Something made earlier

Bookshelf from school woodwork class, recently rediscovered. Books from left …

The Music of the Primes, M du Sautoy — this guy’s on BBC4 at present doing the nicely-photographed travel program with a bit of disappointingly lightweight maths.

The French Mathematician, T Petsinis — a jazzed up biography of Evariste Galois.

Feet in the Clouds, R Askwith — ‘a tale of fell-running and obsession’ … totally gripping, if you’ve ever done that sort of stuff.

The Five Great Novels of James M Cain — a real holiday blockbuster …. two of them are ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’ and ‘Double Indemnity’, both made into famous films … here and here.

Contact, C Sagan — sci-fi, also made into a reasonable film, with Jody Foster.

Pride and Promiscuity, A Eckstut — ‘the lost sex scenes of Jane Austen’ …. not a bad parody, but the Austen style slips here and there …. characters ‘go to the store’ to buy things, for example.

The Harmony Silk Factory, T Aw — ‘an authentic Malaysian voice’ …. which I’m still struggling with.

A History of Modern Britain, A Marr — yes, the TV guy with big ears ….. another holiday one … the only readable book on offer in WH Smith at Teesside airport in July …. and it’s all about things I vaguely remember …. good to have someone put it into a bit of order.

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