010 20mm Bench Dog Set with Levers, Cams, Stops, etc

010 20mm Bench Dog Set with Levers, Cams, Stops, etc

010 20mm Bench Dog Set with Levers, Cams, Stops, etc

A while ago I made a super nice mobile work bench heavily inspired by the Stanton Bench which is in turn inspired by the Festool MFT system. It’s basically a ~18mm / ~3/4” thick top with a bunch of 20mm holes in a 96mm pattern which a variety of tools and attachments can be used with to attack / secure pretty much anything to safely work with.

A major part of this system are bench dogs, and as the metal ones can be quite expensive and you don’t necessarily need that much strength in most tasks I figured I’d design and print a set. Same goes for a variety of additional accessories which seemed useful or neat to have.

An added bonus is that if you slip with whatever power tool you’re working and hit the bench dogs, the plastic probably won’t damage your tool unlike metal bench accessories would.

So far this set includes regular bench dogs, stop dogs with a flat side, corner dogs with a 90° open corner, angle dogs with a 90° top angle, flat stops, corner stops, repeat stops, planing stops and a cam clamp.
There’s versions of almost all of these with or without M6 throughholes for permanent fixture (or for attaching other stuff on top or something) and versions with straight walls or a 5° tilt to press the workpiece down towards the workbench. Often there’s variations in some dimensions, too. If there aren’t and you need some, drop me a comment and I should be able to provide it.

I’ve printed a bunch of them and so far they’ve been holding up rather well. In fact I most often just grab these instead of my actual metal bench dogs unless I really need the sturdiness or precision that my metal ones offer.

If you want the STL files, head over to my thingiverse here:

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