01792 Grand Canyon New Post Office 1949

01792 Grand Canyon New Post Office 1949

01792 Grand Canyon New Post Office 1949

Rear entrance to Del E. Webb constructed constructed post office with log and stone trim. 12 may 1949 nps photo by eden

Grand Canyon National Park Building #166
Constructed in 1935 – Original cost was $17,890

This is a timber and stone structure with wood frame in-fill, stone foundation and piers completed in the “Rocky Mountain Swiss Chalet rustic style”. It was constructed using PWA funds. Plans prepared by the NPS.

Superintendent awarded bid to Del Webb Construction Company along with other building projects: constructing two postal employee quarters, two employee residences and a fire equipment storage shed The Director of the NPS approved a contract on December 7, 1934. Work began December 17, 1934 with the work completed June 8, 1935.

The interior consisted of five principal spaces. The workspace was the largest portion and was open to the full height of the exposed roof structure. A single partition was between the lobby and the mailroom. A vault, small vestibule, and Postmaster’s office were located at the east end of the building. There were restrooms by the vault, and a balcony above these rooms.

Courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection, P.O. Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

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