20120808_7946 silos and shed

20120808_7946 silos and shed

20120808_7946 silos and shed

Part of the State Research Farm.
600 Sneydes Road.

"The former managers office is in front of the twin silos. Each side of that are two corrugated iron sheds. The northern one was the horse stables and the southern one (closest) was a dairy. They date from 1912-13." – W.C.C. 1997 Study.

Heritage History
1997 – Council Wyndham’s Heritage Study adopted : Included p.285
1997 Current heritage protection: Nil
02 Jul 2001 – Council Heritage Overlay : ?
(approved by Planning Minister in Jul 2003)
2004 – Council did further research into sites of local
significance and interest. Review produced 90 sites : ?
2006 – Planning Scheme amendment to include 95 sites : Omitted
2009 Aug 30 – Included in Amendment C125, which was approved by the Minister of Planning.

Proposed Wyndham Planning Scheme (2008) : HO75

W.C.C. Significance Rating (1997) : State Significance.

Statements of Significance for M2030 Networked Cities Growth Corridors Victoria:
Wyndham VHR 12: H1961 State Research Farm Princes Highway Werribee.
Wyndham Heritage Overlay 23: HO16 State Research Farm, Princes Highway, Werribee. H1961

2001 – These buildings were recommended for listing on the Heritage Register following a Dept of Natural Resourses and Environment report, that recommended their preservation. – Banner 23 Jan 2002, p17

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