Bear River, NS

Bear River, NS

Bear River, NS

Bear River is a small village situated at the head of the Bear River. The river itself is the border between the Annapolis and Digby counties of Nova Scotia and thus, splits the village so that half the village is in one county and the other half in the other. There are two primary bridges which span the Bear River. The longest bridge is the Bear River Bridge located on Highway 101 at the mouth of the river (which drains into the Annapolis Basin), approximately 6 km from the village. The second bridge is located in downtown Bear River and connects the two halves of the village together.

The village is extremely picturesque with old buildings on stilts into the river. It is a photographer’s paradise and a very popular stopping place for the tourists that visit the area.

Bear River had a history of ship building in the late 1800s and is affectionately known as the Switzerland of Nova Scotia because of the hills which surround the village.

The community is known for its thriving artistic community, the largest per capita in Nova Scotia.There are many artist studios, shops and galleries in the downtown and immediate area. Crafts produced include clothing, woodwork, pottery, quilts, fibre items, and an assortment of painted media.

The village is run by volunteers as there is no town government. The Bear River Board of Trade is the primary organization to pursue economic development and also maintains the waterfront park and Visitor Information Center.

The Bear River Historical Society operates the Bear River Heritage Museum which is open through the summer and early fall with displays of historical photos, archival materials and artifacts of the rich history of the area.

The village is working to become an eco-village in its determination to remain low-tech, with no fast food, malls or box stores, and the exploration of alternative energy sources.

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