DCU Shazam! - Issue #11

DCU Shazam! – Issue #11

DCU Shazam! - Issue #11

DCU Shazam! – Issue #11

The Wizard bolts upright in his seat. Black Adam… has returned to Earth.

Using the powers bestowed upon him, Adam opens the magic door into the Lair of The Wizard by using his hyper-speed. It was within here, 100’s of years ago, that Adam had his powers bestowed by the Council of Eternity. Now, only one chair remains filled.

Black Adam: “I would say that I like what you’ve done with the place, but it doesn’t appear to have changed at all.”

The Wizard: “I could say the same thing about you…”

Black Adam smirks at his ancient adversary.

Black Adam: “Yes well, travelling back from banishment on the farthest moon of the universe gave me a lot of time to think, actually.”

The Wizard: “And? Do you regret your actions?”

Black Adam: “Oh no, not in the slightest. The Council was full of fools, as I’m sure you’d agree. All it took was a simple little spell which they all overlooked and, well, here I am, now the most powerful Wizard on Earth and rightful champion.”

The Wizard: “There’s nothing rightful about you! Look at your hand, they don’t get charred like that from anything other than the misuse of your powers which you stole!”

Black Adam looks down at his hands, burnt completely black by using the Power of Zeus. His suit, once a vibrant red, has also become black with years of travel, violence and envy scorched upon it.

Black Adam: “I didn’t steal anything. They were a gift from you, remember? Anyway, enough chit-chat. Where’s the new one?”

The Wizard: “The new what?”

Black Adam: “The new Champion. I know the Gods let you pick another after your debacle with me.”

The Wizard: “Say his name then.”

Black Adam: “You know I can’t.”

It was worth a try. The Wizard frailly stands up from his seat, clutching his staff.

Black Adam: “Nothing more to add? Okay then!”

Black Adam blasts lightning from his fingertips at The Wizard, shooting him back into the Rock of Eternity and knocking his golden staff from his hands. Adam’s hands gets charred even more by his own lightning.

Black Adam: “And I’ll be needing that. The only reason you’re still alive is because you haven’t said that word in over 5000 years.”

The Wizard: “The same applies to you, Adam”

Black Adam: “It doesn’t matter. With this staff, The Ibistick, I’ll be more powerful than your champion ever could be! With this, I’ll be able to kill them!”

Black Adam picks up the staff and the crystal turns from a light blue into a hateful yellow.

Black Adam: “I wouldn’t have done it, y’know. Killed the Council, that is. I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t attacked me first and proven me completely right.”

The Wizard: “What…?”

Black Adam: “I made the ruse to get the powers because I knew that no magician could be trusted. A magician promised to save my mother once, and in exchange he took my daughter’s life. I will cleanse the Earth of all of magic if it’s THE LAST THING I EVER DO!!!”

And with that, he plunges the Ibistick into the chest of The Wizard.

Black Adam: “One down, one more to go…”

Black Adam turns to leave, when The Wizard mutters to him.

The Wizard: “He’ll stop you, y’know… I believe in him.”

Black Adam: “I’m sure you do… And I’ll kill him and anyone else that gets in my path all the same!”

As Black Adam is about to leave, he passes several locked-chests and magical vases, containing within them all manner of dastardly creature, of which he now holds power over.

He browses them, before slashing them all open with the Ibistick, leaving only the Rock of Eternity left holding a prisoner. Not even he could defeat the foe inside of that.

Black Adam: “There… That should pull our so-called hero out of the woodwork…”

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