DSC00871 - Sutherland Steam Mill

DSC00871 – Sutherland Steam Mill

DSC00871 - Sutherland Steam Mill

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Sutherland Steam Mill in Denmark, near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada

It was very up-to-date when it was built in the 1890s. Powered by steam, it no longer needed a river or stream as an energy source. If you love things mechanical and innovative, this is the place for you.
Alexander Sutherland and his son Wilfred supplied the town with sleighs, carriages, and sleds. They also made windows and other parts for local houses and cottages and fancy gingerbread trim for porches.

There’s a drill press made from an old milk separator, a plane run by an early car engine, and in the back room there’s a wonderful old copper tub where shingles were soaked–and where the staff had their baths on Saturday nights.

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