Robin Mask E - Bijou Planks 19/365

Robin Mask E – Bijou Planks 19/365

Robin Mask E - Bijou Planks 19/365

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tuesday Night Fights! Approaching the ring is MISTER BARRACUUUUDAAA, or better known as, the ROOOOBIIN MAAAASK!!!!

This guy again! How many versions does he have?? *
At least five since this is "E".
Don’t forget ‘Mr. Barracuda’.
Ah, yes! Will we ever know all the versions of Robin Mask?

It’s good you asked! Perhaps we need a history-

Please, not again! Not like with Warsman!

-so, without further ado-

No, please!
More ado!
We’ll ado!

-here is the history of ROBIN MASK!


Robin Mask stands at an imposing 217cm/7’1". He weighs in at 155kg/341 lbs. He is blood type ‘A’! He hails from England and is a Seigi Chojin of 960,000 power! He has teamed with Warsman, Kinnikuman and Terry the Kid. He is the master of the Tower Bridge and the Robin Special.

Though he began as a villain, Robin Mask soon became one of the most essential members of the justice Chojin (Justice Supermen) team. Robin wore knight-type armor made out of sapphire (later remade out of steel), and wearing the armor reduced his strength, giving his opponent a fair chance at beating him. Although Robin is only a few years older than most of the cast, he is considered the veteran of the group and often comes up with the teams’ overall battle plan.

Robin Mask often wears a blue undershirt underneath his armor, making it seem at times that he has blue skin. He is depicted as having pale skin beneath his undershirt, and his armor – in its original form – is blue-and-black (with pink accents) to match his undershirt.

Robin is a pale man with blond or brown hair (depending on his aesthetic choice. He is handsome with thick eyebrows’. His later armor he wears is silver/steel in color, with red accents, and he lacks an undershirt so that his skin is visible. He has red eyes through his mask, but it is not clear if they are red when his mask is removed.

Born into England’s famous Robin family, Robin Mask began wrestling at a young age and made quite a name for himself.

By 1979, he had become so famous that he was invited to compete in the 19th Chojin Olympics. He not only made it into the actual tournament but went on to win, defeating Japan’s Uldraman. Over the next year, he had numerous matches, including one against a man named Quarrelman. Before the match could get under way, Quarrelman walked away, saying that the he saw no point in fighting such an easy opponent.

We are introduced to Robin "42 Years Ago" from the Demon Seed Arc in Kinnikuman Nisei, where he acts as the rugby captain in Oxford University and scores every point in the match as the most popular player. He is dating the team assistant, Alisa, and he is seen to be very excited about becoming a wrestler and meeting Alisa’s parents. He acts unwittingly in an uncouth manner, to which Alisa’s father derides him from snobbery and forbids their union.

Robin drowns his sorrows in a bar, where he engages in fights and gets drunk, only for John Bullman to intervene. He then reveals to his father, Robin Knight, that he wishes to forfeit his Chojin status and become human for Alisa’s sake, just as she was willing to give up her family for his sake. He is given the blessing of Robin Grande and the "Icon of Robin", that will allow him to become human. Robin goes to Stonehenge and reneges on his powers, thus becoming human.

After seeing John Bullman die in the ring, he flees in order to assume again his position of Chojin to protect the people, and gives up his second chance with Alisa’s family to be a justice Chojin. He is ganged up outside a bar by hooligans and beaten up, only to be rescued by Terryman, who gives him back his powers with the stone used to remove them. He then goes to the ring to defeat Guillotine King. On September 9th, 1976, he wins the battle with the support of Alisa, making his debut.

Kinnikuman – 20th Chojin Olympics Arc

The 20th Chojin Olympics were coming around and Uldraman’s previous loss to Robin caused the committee to decide not to use a Japanese representative this year, upsetting Kinnikuman. Robin decided to confront Kinnikuman and test his skills. He instantly was able to put Kinnikuman in a Bow and Arrow Lock. Kinnikuman, however, refused to submit, and after a few hours, Robin let go of the hold. The fact that Robin Mask – the champion – was caused to struggle impresses the committee and gained Kinnikuman a spot in the Olympics. It is revealed Robin Mask only pretended to struggle, so that Kinnikuman could gain a place in the Olympics.

Robin gives the commencement speed during the preliminary matches, on November 13th 1979. When participants refuse to engage in the rock-paper-scissors first preliminary round, Robin chastises them and demands they respect the process. The third and final preliminary match is a race to the moon and back, in which Robin comes first place. In the match-ups, Robin is given the A-Block, and his first match is against Canadianman. He is due to fight at Kourakuen Stadium at 6.30pm, which is broadcast worldwide.

Canadianman lifts the entire stadium, before becoming giant-sized and putting Robin Mask in a Canadian Back-Breaker. Robin counters by a Suplex, sending Candianman hurtling into the stadium, which wins him the match. After the match he raised Canadianman’s arm in a show of good sportsmanship.

Robin next appears as a special commentator for the Terryman vs. Skyman match.

The Nippon Budokan is the setting for the semi-final match between Terryman and Robin Mask, who both arrive together as friends. Shortly before their match, Terry had been shot in the leg by Kinkotsuman (who was aiming for Kinnikuman). Because of this handicap, Terry stooped to dirty fighting in order to gain and advantage over Robin, but Robin was much too strong for Terry. After being thrown out of the ring, Robin leapt back in and continued the fight. He then applies a Boston Crab on Terry. Terry soon submits, giving Robin the win. When Robin realised that Terry had fought with a wounded leg, he offered Terry his spot in the finals, but Terry refused it.

Kinnikuman and Robin Mask face a press conference in anticipation of their match in the finals. The match will be a one-round death-match at the National Stadium, at April 4th at 4pm. They add a rule that a three-count pin will also allow a victory, at Robin’s request, to give Kinnikuman a chance to win due to his lack of a finishing move. They also instigate a rule, at Kinnikuman’s request, that losing the match will lead to exile from one’s home-country. At this point, a celebratory dance occurs. Kinkotsuman sends enlarged animals to attack them, which Robin Mask defeats single-handed.

The match begins to 100,000 spectators. Moved by Ramenman’s tearfully begging him to defeat Robin (and allow him to look back on his own defeat with pride), Kinnikuman took his fight seriously. Kinnikuman was so skilled, that it inspires Robin to remove his armor; this reveals that he wears the armor for his opponent’s protection rather than his own. After a series of exchanged blows, Kinnikuman manages to remove Robin’s mask. Robin then runs head-first into the corner of the ring, which causes a huge crack to appear in his mask.

Robin proceeds to stab Kinnikuman in the back with the spike of his mask, causing him to bleed profusely on the canvas. He proceeds to trap Kinnikuman in his trademark Tower Bridge, but Suguru refused to give up until finally a loud crack was heard. Robin let go of Suguru believing him to be dead. When he noticed the crowd wasn’t cheering for him, he looked at Kinnikuman’s lifeless body and begun to realize that he had been taking things too far. As he was distracted by thought, Kinnikuman jumped onto his shoulders and pinned him with a Mexican Rolling Clutch Hold, gaining the victory.

During the closing ceremonies, Robin is shunned by the English fans. Alisa appears to console him, and Kinnikuman tries to revoke the exile rule so they can have a good life, even willing to sacrifice his championship belt. He offers Robin a chance to live in Japan, which Robin seemingly accepts. It is later shown that Robin has refused the offer due to his pride, and decides – against Alisa’s wishes – to live as a wanderer.

American Tour Arc

Robin reappears in South America. Kinnikuman confronts him when he sees Robin murder an opponent in the ring, when Robin’s opponent is torn in two pieces. Alisa is currently absent. When Kinnikuman is capture by the World Supermen Federation, Robin brings him food so that he will survive and remain strong. After tearing Dynamite Piper in half at the Luck Lumber Joe, Robin was allowed the chance to regain his title from Kinnikuman and faced him in a match.

The match with Kinnikuman takes place over the Grand Canyon, at 1,600 meters high. Before the fight can be finished, Iwao crashes an airplane into the ring. The match is determined to be in Robin’s favor, but – due to his assumed death – the belt then goes to the next in the WSF’s line, which is Skull Bozu. Kinnikuman is revealed to be alive, while Robin took the brunt of the airplane attack and is willing to let himself be sacrificed as Kinnikuman has not enough strength to remove the plane.

Robin reveals that he and Alisa went to live in Africa, where Robin became an animal ranger. He read about Kinnikuman’s activity in Hawaii and yearned to return to the life of a justice Chojin, which caused him to leave Alisa at home, and be taken in by the Sheik Seijin. Kinnikuman eventually manages to free Robin, but the WSF explode the ring, and only Kinnikuman can escape. Robin seemingly falls to his death.

Warsman Begins

It is later revealed that Robin Mask survived. As it turns out, he went to Russia to survey potential candidates as "Mr Barracuda". Warsman catches his interest, especially when Warsman discovers and masters the Pallo Special, a move Robin had been working on in secret. Robin decides that Warsman will be the one to overthrow Kinnikuman and become the new Chojin Olympics champion.

When Kommandas has Warsman on the ropes, Robin shows up to cheer him on. Kommandas is no longer Warsman’s friend, now he’s a killing machine for the Soviet Union. After getting some advice from Robin, Warsman shows Robin that he can be a perfect Brutal Chojin, even killing Kommandas with his Pallo Special by tearing his arms off. Robin is shocked, thinking that he’s seeing the birth of a cold, fighting computer in action.

Robin offers Warsman a chance to become the champion of the Chojin Olympics. Still paranoid, Warsman tries to attack Robin, but Robin easily blocks the punch and repeats his offer. Robin reveals his true identity. Robin notes that Warsman’s Pallo Special is still incomplete, but it was pretty good for a first try. Robin Mask offers Warsman a towel, which he accepts, making Robin Mask his new manager.

21st Chojin Olympics Arc

"Mr. Barracuda" doesn’t show up at all until the semi-finals of the 21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight; Barracuda exits the vehicle taking Warsman to the arena, where he is seen carrying a chain, and chastises Warsman for taking time to sign children’s autographs. He intensely trains Warsman in preparation for his match against Ramenman. Just before the match, he strikes people in the way with a whip to allow Warsman passage.

Just before the match, Bibimba accidentally runs into Warsman, which causes Barracuda to try and strike her with his whip – Warsman stops him. Barracuda also reveals that Warsman is a ‘fighting computer’ capable of memorizing moves of his opponents and analyzing how best to counter them. When Bibimbap tries to get Warsman to show mercy on Ramenman, Barracuda convinces him to brutally attack until Ramenman is left paraplegic.

He helps Warsman prepare for the finals, against Kinnikuman, by releasing death-row inmates for him to kill while blindfolded. When Kinnikuman suffers a mask mishap, Barracuda realizes that the removal of Kinnikuman’s mask will mean his death, and creates a rule that the finals will be a Mask Removal Death-Match. At Warsman’s weigh-in, Barracuda is outraged to find out that the belt (gifted by Bibimba puts him overweight); Warsman soon loses control, where it is revealed only Barracuda can calm him, and he drags Warsman away in chains. Barracuda reveals his motivation is revenge against Kinnikuman.

Barracuda reveals himself to be Robin Mask.

Robin reveals he survived the fall, but his body was too injured to ever fight again. Unable to personally fight and with the world thinking he was dead, he went in search for a student to train for the purpose of defeating Kinnikuman. He found one in Russia in the body of young Robo Chojin Warsman. Robin trained him to be a cold-blooded killer and then entered him into the 21st Chojin Olympics, after teaching him all of his techniques.

When Kinnikuman refused to take an opportunity to throw Warsman onto his own Bear Claws, Warsman decided to fight the rest of the match fairly and destroyed his Bear Claws. Robin ordered him to put on the spare Bear Claws and when he wouldn’t, Robin began beating on him. When Bibimba (who had befriended Warsman) tried to stop him he slapped her, causing Warsman to strike him and then proceed with the fight. Robin realizes that he was wrong and crushed the spare Bear Claws. After Kinnikuman won, both Warsman and Robin joined the justice Chojin side.

Seven Akuma Chojin Arc

Robin is next seen after the battle with Black Hole.

He announces that Kinnikuman is too injured to fight, so the remaining Devil Chojin should fight against the remaining Justice Chojin. Robin chooses Atlantis for his opponent. He fights Atlantis on a special ring on a lake in Ueno, where Atlantis surprises Robin in the ring before attacking from behind. Robin starts strong, as he manages to counter Atlantis, but Atlantis ultimately dives into the waters.

He follows with high speed into the lake, as he rapidly kicks at Atlantis’ head, but he is eventually knocked away by a Magnum Canon. Atlantis tries to force Robin into the lake with his Magnum Canon, but the ropes stretch and Robin is able to use those to jump away. He proceeds to ride the Magnum Canon, until he lands a Drop Kick to the face. Atlantis then throws Meat’s leg into the lake. This causes Robin to abandon his strategy, as he dives into the lake to save Meat’s leg from harm. Atlantis follows him and proceeds to strangle him.

Alisa arrives to support Robin, at which point he attempts a Pile Driver. This creates two whirlpools, as the power of Atlantis and Robin collide, and then – after several seconds of silence – Atlantis emerges from the lake with the mask of Robin Mask in his hands. It is revealed, after rescuing Meat’s right leg, that he was trapped within an Atlantis Driver. Alisa clutches Robin’s mask in grief, while Kinnikuman retrieves Meat’s leg. This is the last Robin is seen, due to his death, until later in the arc. Robin is later revived by Buffaloman, who sacrifices his life force. He emerges alive from the lake, as he retrieves his mask.

Golden Mask Arc

Robin Mask appears with the other justice chojin for a fitness test. It is during this time that the Golden Mask and Silver Mask are separated, resulting in all justice chojin slowly losing their power. Robin Mask – along with his companions – are placed into plastic bubbles, which act as life-support devices. During Kinnikuman’s battle with Planetman, Planetman steals the souls of the seigi chojin trapped within the life support devices. Robin – and the others – are saved when Kinnikuman sacrifices Warsman in order to protect the rest of the group and defeat Planetman. This defeat of Planetman restores Robin – and others – to full power.

Warsman is revealed to be alive, but in a precarious state. Robin Mask decides to turn into a microscopic size and go inside Warsman’s body, along with Terryman, Brocken Jr., Kinnikuman, and Geronimo. Terryman decides that the group will hold off the remaining Devil Knights, until Kinnikuman can reach the top floor and retrieve the Golden Mask – the matches will take place on a tower of rings formed along Warsman’s spinal column.

Junkman shows his true form.

Robin Mask challenged Junkman on the first ring. Junkman sees Kinnikuman scaling the spine, but – as he seeks to stop him from reaching the top – Robin Mask intervenes and stops him from an attack. Junkman attempts a Junk Crush, but Robin dodges and the attack strikes the spinal column instead. When Junkman tries the same attack again, Robin tries a Shoulder Throw, but he then attacks once more the spinal column. Robin realizes the aimed attacks are deliberate: Junkman seeks to disable Warsman and prevent Kinnikuman from climbing higher.

Junkman tries a Junk Crush again, and Robin allows himself to be caught, before he reveals the philosophy he teaches to younger chojin: "when forced to make a sacrifice, try to save both things". He thus removes his armor and saves himself from being crushed, as it seemingly stops the Junk Crush. Junkman crushes the armor and uses it to prove his strength, before he tries to attack Kinnikuman again – Robin stops the attack with his bare hands. Junkman retaliates by making spikes appear on his front, which violently cut and slash at Robin.

Robin believes he has found Junkman’s one weakness, which is that he cannot see what happens at his back, and flips him over, until his front spikes trap him in the ring canvas. He tries a Robin Drop, but Junkman uses his Double Face technique. Junkman strikes again with a Junk Crush. Robin refuses to stay down and circles Junkman, only to be hit again, and – in an attempt to gain speed, to avoid being hit following times – removes his belt and part of his helmet. It appears Robin has used all his strength, even as he gains an advantage and Junkman smashes his face on a corner-post. Junkman uses another Junk Crush, but Robin counters with a Reverse Tower Bridge.

Junkman is thus defeated, with Robin as the victor.

Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Robin Mask first arrives at Beverly Park.

He – along with the other Idol Chojin – take Kinnikuman to Korakuen Hall. They reveal that there is a new tag-team tournament, and that Robin and Warsman have formed the Chojin Master/Student Combo. The two of them then leave. They are shown – as part of the preliminaries – defeating Blood Illusions with a Double German Suplex Hold. They arrive early in Japan to plan for victory, before they arrive at Tournament Mountain. They make their way through a maze to find their allocated partner in the first rounds.

They are matched against the Hell Missionaries.

When Robin Mask tries to shake Neptuneman’s hand, he is rejected and Neptuneman kills Kendaman. This causes Robin Mask to flashback to his youth, where he met Quarrelman, and he reveals that Quarrelman was due to fight him in the English preliminary finals of the Chojin Olympics, but that Quarrelman decided against this and walked away. He was known for the same attack used against Kendaman: the Quarrel Special. Robin reveals – in a flashback – he invented a new attack just for Quarrelman, as payback for refusing to fight him in the finals of the Olympic preliminaries.

During the match, they send in Big the Budo first, to prevent Robin from fighting Neptuneman as he desire. Robin manages to avoid the attacks by Big the Budo, before Warsman takes a lead and distracts him, and Neptuneman reveals he will not tag into the ring, even if Big the Budo dies. Robin Mask then uses a Tower Bridge to help Warsman perform a Rolling Bear Claw, which manages to slice open Neptuneman’s chest. Robin then uses his Robin Special on Big the Budo, which convinces Neptuneman to join the ring.

Robin attempts a Robin Special on Neptuneman, but Neptuneman counters with a Neptune Sliding. After stabbing Neptuneman with the spike of his helmet, they exchange in a series of blows, until it seems that Robin has given up and let down his guard, but – by allowing Neptuneman to attack him – he becomes certain that this is Quarrelman. Warsman then tags in to take over, but loses his mask.

Quarrelman reveals his plans to steal the masks of the strongest Chojins and then give them to their minions (thus giving them their powers). Warsman is then killed by a Cross Bomber, before dying in Robin’s arms and being reassured that no one is laughing at his exposed face. Robin then attacks in earnest. Robin fights on Warsman’s behalf, including using both the Tower Bridge and the Bear Claw, and seems to have the advantage for a while. Robin is distracted by retrieving Warsman’s mask, which allows him to be severely injured. Neptuneman uses the Robin Special against Robin, followed by the Cross Bomber.

This causes Robin to become unmasked.

The Hell Missionaries decide to give the spectators a closer look at the Chojin Master/Student Combo, by throwing them out of the ring and intending for them to fall their deaths. Right when they were about to hit the ground, the first Kinnikuman Great – (Prince Kamehame in disguise) – catches Robin and Warsman, but he injures his knees in the process. Robin is placed down on the ground, but – when he gets up – his face is fully revealed for the first time. The media tried to get close-ups and photos of his handsome face.

Kinnikuman and the others – excluding Terryman – attack the media, as they say it is rude to try and get pictures of his face. Kinnikuman then gives Robin a towel to put over his face. The aftermath of this was Robin losing his fighting spirit. During the semi finals between the 20 Million Powers and the Hell Missionaries, Robin returned with a cut out mask to help support the justice Chojin.

He offers Kinnikuman his steel armour, which allows him to reach the ring, when Neptuneman uses a magnetic power against the 20 Million Powers. At the tournament end, Robin retrieves all the stolen masks from Neptuneman and swears to give them back to their rightful owners.

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

Robin Mask can be seen celebrating with Kinnikuman.

Robin is promoted to Chief of Staff, which means – at first – he must not help Kinnikuman, when his position as a member of the royal family is challenged. He and Terryman are obligated to protect their new posts within the Chojin Association, and so they stay behind as Kinnikuman goes to his matches alone.

While teaching a class, one of Robin’s students listened to the Kinnikuman vs. Kinnikuman Mariposa battle on his radio. This alerts Robin to Kinnikuman’s peril, and he and Terry rush to Japan. They arrive just in time to save Meat from King the 100-Ton. Robin initially attended in his role as Kinnikuman’s friend to offer support, but Kinnikuman reveals he wrote down Robin’s name on his team roster in invisible ink.

He is thus able to fight as Team Leader.

After seeing how important winning the tournament was to Kinnikuman, this caused him to regain his fighting spirit and fight Mariposa himself. Mariposa attacks before the gong, and manages to get in a second attack soon after the first, but Robin is able to counter the third time with an overhead throw. Mariposa starts to push Robin’s body through the mat itself. Robin is nearly knocked unconscious by the Muscle Revenger by Mariposa. He breaks free and uses a Tower Bridge, and then Mariposa covers himself in flames.

Robin learns that Mariposa – (while still George the Thief) – had stolen the Robin Family treasure: the Anoalo Sceptre. Robin nearly gives the match to Mariposa due to numerous factors, including the staff in his possession, the power of his touted trump card (the Muscle Revenger) as well as hearing the Chojin’s story of his sorrowful past, nearly forcing him to forfeit the match. After being reminded of Kinnikuman’s own sorrowful history, Robin overcomes all of Mariposa’s deception and reclaims the staff. He uses its power to ultimately defeat Mariposa with a Robin Special.

The next round is against Team Zebra.

Robin teamed up with Kinnikuman against Kinnikuman Zebra and Parthenon. They are successful against the duo for most of the match, until Robin ends up becoming petrified within Parthenon’s pillars, in order to save Kinnikuman (who was preparing for his inevitable defeat after taking the Fated Prince’s Muscle Inferno). While trapped inside Parthenon, Robin ends up laying the ultimate groundwork for Zebra’s defeat, using his Friendship Power to prevent Kinnikuman from being completely covered in Parthenon’s shadow of brutality. This prevents Zebra from fighting at full power.

Using the methane from the decayed bodies and fossils used to build Parthenon in conjunction with his own Anoalo Sceptre, Robin escapes from the giant Chojin and breaks him using his Robin Special, both defeating him and forcing Robin out of the match with his work successfully done. He saves Kinnikuman’s life later in the match, with his "Handshake of Friendship".

Robin later helps Kinnikuman in training for the final match.

After Kinnikuman’s match with Satan Cross, Kinnikuman is left weakened and Robin Mask carries him to the next match of their final round. It is during this time that Kinnikuman accidentally urinates on Robin.

In the final match against Team Super Phoenix, Robin took part in a Six-Man Tag Match with Kinnikuman and The Samurai (actually Neptuneman, and originally none other than Quarrelman) against Super Phoenix, Omegaman, and Mammothman. To make the battle “more interesting”, Super Phoenix began burning the Muscle Prophecy pages of both fighters, causing them to slowly disappear. Robin and Mammothman begin a fierce one-on-one battle. As they fought, Mammothman used his blood-seeking Big Tusks against Robin, but Robin overcame this by putting his own blood on Mammothman.

This causes the Big Tusks to attack Mammothman.

Robin eventually defeats Mammothman with the Rope Work Tower Bridge. Mammothman then disappears, and shortly afterwards so does Robin, leaving only his helmet and armor behind. During the fight between Suguru and Phoenix, the souls of Robin, Neptuneman, Kinnikuman Soldier, and Geronimo (all of whom had their Muscle Prophecy pages destroyed) helped Kinnikuman regain his Kajiba no Kuso Djikara and defeat Super Phoenix.

After the tournament, Robin and the others were revived by Kinnikuman’s Face Flash.

Robin returned to England to serve the Queen.

Farewell, Kinnikuman!

This one-shot takes place during Kinnikuman’s retirement ceremony.

The Justice Chojin are dismayed that Kinnikuman’s retiring. Wolfman’s disappointed because Kinnikuman’s retiring right after Wolfman’s retirement, leaving Japan with no protectors. Ramenman’s shocked that Kinnikuman retired before he did. Terryman promises that he’ll find a stronger partner for a new tag-team.

When Warsman rings the bell, he uses his Bear Claws, causing it to crack. Brocken Jr. calls out Warsman for ruining the atmosphere. Robin Mask even tells Warsman to back down before challenging Kinnikuman to one last fight. Robin Mask says the ceremony is a farce and shatters the bell with a chop, which Terryman likens to a slap to Kinnikuman’s face. Robin Mask’s quite angry at Kinnikuman’s retirement and demands an answer from Kinnikuman.

Kinnikuman says he’ll explain after the ceremony, but that isn’t enough for Robin Mask. Thus, Robin Mask attacks Kinnikuman. While Kinnikuman defends himself against Robin Mask’s assault, he realizes that the helmet Robin Mask is wearing is from the 20th Chojin Olympics tournament, more specifically the finals match after Kinnikuman caused the helmet to crack. Robin Mask wants a proper rematch since the last two matches weren’t proper losses.

Buffaloman and Terryman try to interfere, but Warsman tells them that Robin Mask wants a serious match against Kinnikuman. Robin Mask places Kinnikuman into a Robin Special, but Kinnikuman doesn’t feel that at all. Kinnikuman counters with a Kinniku Driver. Robin Mask reverses the Kinniku Driver and places him into the Tower Bridge, causing Kinnikuman’s torso to tear up. Kinnikuman escapes the Tower Bridge because the Kinniku Driver left a mark on Robin Mask. Kinnikuman uses this opportunity to land a Kinniku Buster.

Robin Mask compliments both of Kinnikuman’s techniques before punching Kinnikuman’s face. Kinnikuman returns with a punch of his own, leading to a mighty fisticuffs exchange. Harabote tells Meat about the time Mayumi retired and reveals that he wanted a last match with Mayumi, but he didn’t want to break tradition. He sheds a tear because Robin Mask did something he couldn’t achieve. The other Justice Chojin cheer Robin on. Although this match is a sham in Robin’s eyes, he still wants to fight.

Seeing as the Chairman receiving the retirement letter is the only way Kinnikuman’s retirement can be made official, Kinnikuman hands Robin Mask his retirement letter. Robin Mask crushes the letter and gives Kinnikuman a bro-fist, showing off their friendship as Justice Chojin.

Kinnikuman (2011) Perfect Origin Arc

It is revealed – after accumulating so many injuries over the years – that Robin Mask has entered suspended animation as a part of his healing process. He is in England, where he will remain in stasis until his healing is completed. During this time, Marlinman appears at the River Thames to challenge Robin Mask. After the defeat of the first group of Perfect Chojin, a new group appears, and it is at this point that Robin Mask is revealed to have been fully healed and returns to his companions.

The next tournament is scheduled to take place on a pyramid, with seven steps and seven rings, and Robin Mask convinces Kinnikuman to rest, so that they can take care of their opponents on his behalf. A series of tunnels leads the Justice and Devil Chojin to their opponents: Robin – on ring six – is assigned Nemesis. Nemesis starts with an upper-hand, as he employs a one-handed back-breaker. Robin eventually is able to land a knee-kick. After exchanging a series of blows, throughout the other matches, Nemesis attacks with a Flying Head Scissors. Robin Mask evades and counters with a Boston Crab.

Nemesis evades the attack and reverses it with a Pile-Driver, but Robin Mask breaks free in turn with a headbutt, and proceeds with an Ice Rock Gyro. They engage in a series of blows, before both fall to the canvas and hold each other in an equal grapple. At this point, Nemesis reveals the origin of the Perfect Chojin. He states that Perfect Chojin are descended from chojin chosen by the gods, but all other chojin are descended from those rejected by the gods. He proceeds to use a Nemesis Driver.

He drives Robin’s head into the canvas, but Robin pulls himself out. Nemesis throws Robin again with a double-arm suplex, and follows through with a high-kick, until Robin is able to counter with a throw. Robin uses a Unicorn Fire Head, but Nemesis counters after with a Battleship Sinker, and Robin still stands, as he reveals that Kinnikuman is his main motivation and reason for throwing away his pride. He describes in detail how his defeat by Kinnikuman allowed him to be reborn as a better chojin with Friendship Power.

Nemesis knocks off Robin’s Analo Staff with a knee-strike, and they engage in a series of blows again. He is eventually able to stop Robin’s blows with the Perfect Defender, which is a variation of the Muscle Curtain, and continues to use the Perfect Assailant, which Robin dodges and uses to lead into a Robn Special. Nemesis breaks free and uses a Scorpion Death-Lock. He convinces Robin to remove his armor and fight at full-power, which leads to Robin attempting a Naked Tower Bridge.

The attack starts to tear apart Nemesis’ body, but also has an effect on Robin’s body. Nemesis eventually breaks free and uses a Tombstone Driver, leading Robin to try a British Steel Edge. The technique is broken, leading Robin to say goodbye to his friends, before Nemesis uses another Battleship Sinker. Robin is knocked out and the match it declared to be in Nemesis’ favor. Nemesis then tosses Robin’s body down the pyramid and into the sands of the dunes below. Despite Kinnikuman’s attempts to save Robin, he is only able to save the visor of his mask, and Robin’s body sinks out of reach of his friends.

Robin Mask is currently still dead as of volume seventy.

Kinnikuman Nisei Hercules Factory Arc

In Kinnikuman Nisei, Robin is the headmaster of the Hercules Factory and the father of rogue Chojin Kevin Mask. He is one of the original chojin defeated on Earth by the new dMp, which prompts a state of emergency among the older chojin. He is present as a key player in the international meeting at the Muscle League headquarters, and he is the one to propose opening a school: the Hercules Factory. They decide to use the next three months to train the new generation. He is often the one to referee and chaperone training. At graduation, Robin is the one to make the announcements. He engages in an argument with Mantaro Kinniku about his placement.

HF First Year Replacement Matches Arc

Robin has a very brief appearance as he referees the matches of Generation Ex, often commenting on their victories against the older generation. He appears very much as he did in the prologue chapters, as he acts in the role of headmaster.

Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament

He is involved with the current story-line as two evil Time Chojins have gone back in time to steal the Completion Bulbs on the bottom of the Tag Trophy and end up killing him and subsequently mess up the timeline. Now, Kinniku Mantaro and the others (along with secret stowaways Neptuneman and Warsman) have gone back in time to stop Kevin from disappearing. Mantaro manages to save Robin but accidentally bumps into Alisa, causing her to become a victim of the Death Watch Branding in his place.

After the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament is announced Robin goes with Alisa in a medical helicopter, but not before hearing Terry the Kid refer to Kevin by name. While in the helicopter, Alisa asks if they can name their first son after their favorite pub, Kevin’s Bar. This cause Robin to trust the New Generation and decide to help them. He comes across Terry the Kid, who is depressed about always being Mantaro’s sidekick, and witnesses him saving a puppy from an oncoming bus. He tells Kid that he believes Kevin may be his son, and the two of them form The Adrenalines (ジ・アドレナリンズ).

Battle Royale

During the preliminary Battle Royal entrances, Robin sees a fading Kevin in a glass chamber, which had been stolen by the Time Chojins.

First Round
The match takes place at Kuramae Kokugikan, at 2.30pm. The Adrenalines arrive in matching costumes and masks, until Terry the Kid reveals himself by removing his mask, and the Wailing Ghost Gang arrives on palanquins, but the Adrenalines strike the Wailing Ghost Gang before the bell is rung. The bell is rung and The Adrenalines start with a flying body attack in a synchronized aerial move, before the Wailing Ghost Gang toss them across the ring.

The Wailing Ghost Gang retaliate with a Gaon’s Bamboo-Copter Blood-Fountain. This knocks Terry the Kid out of the ring, and Robin Mask slams Gaon down onto the mat. The Gaon gains an advantage, as Robin Mask becomes distracted by the sight of Kevin Mask disappearing at the ring-side. The Wailing Ghost Gang team up against Robin Mask, and use a Wailing Leg Slash, which causes Robin to collapse at the side of the ring and allow Terry the Kid to switch with him. Kid is able to take the lead.

Kid uses a Dead-Crush Arm-Breaker against Emperor Death. Emperor Death counters with a Snake-Belly Hand, before using an Emeishan Drop. Gaon joins in with a drop-kick to Kid’s face, while Kid works out that Kevin’s survival depends on Robin’s victory during the match, as his death will result in Kevin’s death. He kicks Gaon on the back of his head, before Gaon counters by tossing him to Emperor Death, who uses a Cobra Claw to force Kid to his feet. The Wailing Ghost Gang gain an advantage, until Robin Mask sees Kid in distress and tags himself into the match. Robin Mask uses a Kingdom Neck Chancery.

Emperor Death uses his snake-hand to remove Robin Mask’s armor, and he tosses the armor onto Kevin Mask’s clear-bed. Robin Mask then uses an Indian Death-Lock on Emperor Death, and Gaon then stops him with a Gaon Ride. Emperor Death then uses a Snake-Tail Foot against to hang from the rafters, as he uses a Snake-Belly Hand and engages in Slow-Slicing. Emperor Death then uses a Blood-Leech Bowl technique to keep Robin Mask alive, while he announces his aim to gain immortality with the trophy bulbs.

Terry the Kid then kicks Robin’s armor back into the ring. Robin Mask uses a Blood Fountain to blind his opponents, before Kid uses a $1,000,000 Kick to incapacitate Emperor Death. Robin uses his Maelstrom Power, followed by a Greenwich Time Crash, and puts back on his armor, which helps to heal him with its familial and ancestral powers. The Wailing Ghost Gang try to use another Bamboo-Copter, until The Adrenalines use Tag Formation A. Kid also then uses a Texas Tornado Elbow.

This knocks out Gaon. The Adrenalines then use an Adrenaline Bridge upon Emperor Death, which causes Emperor Death to be knocked out in turn, and Harabote Muscle declares the match in The Adrenalines favour, causing the audience to throw cushions into the ring in support of them.


The Adrenalins then face the Five Disasters in a Water Deathmatch, which freaks Robin out because of him dying against Atlantis in his last one. Not only that, but Kevin, in his healing tube, was tied above the ring. It had seemed like a close match at first, until Thunder threw Kevin’s tube into the water, causing Robin to go after him. After that, it had looked like Robin had died the same way as his first death, but he had actually taken Kevin’s mask since it doubled as an oxygen tank. Robin then put Lightning in a Tower Bridge, but it only broke his original costume and revealed a second one. Lightning then broke out and performed Justice Crushing Finale on the Adrenalines. They then tried to do Deathwatch Branding on Robin, but Terry saved him with a Condor Kick only to get slashed by Thunder’s Lion’s Authority, ending the match.


A year of the shows and performers of the Bijou Planks Theater.

M.U.S.C.L.E. # 197, "Robin Mask D"

Painted by Paprika, thus losing all collectible value forever.

* So far, we have seen Robin Mask C in BP 2020 Day 245:
And his alias of Mister Barracuda in BP 2019 Day 197:
There’s much more to come… 😏

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