While the modern architecture and music thrives in the cities and urban areas, the artisans and craftsmen continue to produce marvels in their own way that are attractive and eye-catching. Each region in Pakistan has its own specialty and if given a choice, it really become an up hill task to choose from a wide variety.

In order to conserve our folk heritage "Lok Virsa" or the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage was established under the foothills of the "Shakarparrian Hills" near the Rose and Jasmine Garden. The basic purpose of the Institute is to find all artisans, craftsmen and even those who wish to contribute to the preservation of our folk heritage and provide them a platform to express themselves aesthetically.

This use to be an exit door to main domain hosting all history preserved in form of paintings, models, sculptures, daily used items, and books.

Taken: Corridor of Lok Virsa Museum, Islamabad.

There is no way one can view the details in this small view.. View is fine in Large

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