Just for fun

Just for fun

Just for fun

This morning, i had hoped to finally get out for a while with my camera. However, after getting up early, I discovered that the windchill was still extremely cold. The sky is overcast and the lighting is poor, so my plans have changed. Instead, I edited another five images and posted them. Now, at 1:00 pm, the temperature is -8C (windchill -8C), but it is still overcast, Sunrise is at 8:29 am and sunset is at 5:05 pm. It sure looks great to see that our temperatures are warming up after plummeting as low as windchill -42C a few days ago! At 4:30 pm, temperature is 0C (windchill -3C)!

I am adding the description written under a previously posted photo taken on the same outing. I don’t use my FZ200 any more but, on this day, I put it in the car just in case I wanted to use one of the ‘creative’ settings.

"28 October 2019: temperature is -10C (windchill -21C!) and it is snowing. These arctic air blasts are never pleasant. I noticed that there is snow in the forecast on a few of the coming days this week.

Well, I’m certainly glad that my daughter and I made this trip on 24th and not 25th October. Extreme winds on 25th, up to 172 km/hr along parts of Highway 22, with several huge container trucks/trailers flipped over on their side. Also, grass fires in fields, fueled by the strong wind. We were down in that whole area – it would have been dreadful the following day. The weather forecast for 26 October 2019 was for snow and strong winds, so I knew where I would sensibly be – home and hibernating!

On 24 October 2019, it was partly a repeat of my day three days earlier, which I had thoroughly enjoyed. This time, however, was my favourite kind of day – a day spent with my daughter and our cameras : ) I always try and think of places we could go where I know she will see some interesting and beautiful things. I knew that she would be able to see an old grain elevator, beautiful scenery, old barns and sheds, and anything else that we might come across. She also mentioned to me that Bragg Creek had their Scarecrows day, with some of the locals competing for the hand-made, life-size Best Scarecrow.

So, we combined everything into one great day, with sunshine and white clouds (that are always a bonus). Almost forgot to mention the wind that was just the same as three days earlier.
Maybe it is always windy down south.

We set off just after 9:00 am and headed south, where we could find the grain elevator. From there, we headed west, coming across several things that I had completely missed on 21 October. Obvious things, too, so I’m not sure how that happened. Once we reached the place I wanted to get to, we then turned north and headed for Bragg Creek. Such a contrast from wide open prairie farmland to forest. By that time, we were both feeling hungry, so we called in at one of the little restaurants in Bragg Creek for lunch.

My daughter had mentioned that Bragg Creek was holding a Scarecrow day, so we walked around the shops in the hamlet, looking at the various Scarecrow displays outside. We drove a few of the roads, too, discovering some different ones.

From Bragg Creek, we drove down Highway 66/Elbow Falls Trail as far as Forgetmenot Pond, stopping briefly at Elbow Falls en route. I knew snow was in the forecast for Calgary and the places we went to this day, so we made the most of the sunshine and clear ground while we could.

Thanks so much, Rachel, for a great day spent together! My favourite kind of day. So glad you had a free day.

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