Summer 2017: Fun Outdoor DIY Home Projects with Pallets

Summer 2017: Fun Outdoor DIY Home Projects with Pallets

Summer 2017: Fun Outdoor DIY Home Projects with Pallets…

Anyone who loves to complete DIY projects at home knows that material costs are substantial. Now that the weather is finally changing for the better, most of us have dozens of outdoor projects in the pipeline—but budget and time constraints often leave some projects unfinished. If this sounds familiar, then never fear. Save some of your hard-earned cash and embrace the home design trend of upcycling by creating incredible pieces from inexpensive pallets. Here are some of our favorite outdoor DIY home projects made with pallets to help you get inspired this summer.

Pallet Kids Playhouse

Built by Kids
Pallet Mud Kitchen
If you have children and have ever shopped for backyard play equipment, you’ll be all too familiar with the kinds of price tags that come with name brand playhouses and climbing frames. If you consider yourself to be DIY savvy, you can save tons of money by building a bespoke pallet playhouse that your children will love.

My Creative Days
Pallet Planters/raised beds/vertical gardens
For many people, gardening is a relaxing process that fosters a love for the earth. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on store-bought planters and raised beds for your garden, be kind to the environment by making your own from recycled pallets. We love this kind of project because it couldn’t be simpler and can be adapted to accommodate a garden of any size.

Reusing Old Pallets For Garden Projects
Pallet Deck furniture
Summer and outdoor entertaining go hand in hand, but getting your backyard into shape in time for the barbecue season can be difficult if you’re working on a tight budget. Save some money and inject a bit of your personal style by crafting your own outdoor furniture from pallets: sofas, chairs, loungers, coffee tables, benches, and even bars and stools can all be made from recycled wood and will look far more original than store bought alternatives.

Pallet Trash/recycling enclosure
Although making your own trash and recycling receptacles isn’t the most glamorous DIY project around, you will thank yourself for taking the time to create a home for your outdoor garbage bins. This project can be adapted for one, two, or even three bins, or it can even be altered to house composting materials or other backyard valuables. Don’t forget to stain your pallets first for a finished, high-end look.

Pallet Outdoor lanterns
If you want to think outside of the box with your next pallet project, why not create your own wooden lanterns to hang or display in your backyard? This particular piece can be as detailed or as basic as you like, but we think it would make a fantastic decorative addition to your outdoor entertaining space. Complete your lantern by adding a vintage oil burner or LED candles to safely create a romantic and cozy mood for your next summer soirée.

Simply Life Design
Pallet Handmade signage
Nothing says DIY home project quite like a handmade sign. While chalkboards and metal signs currently hold the titles of trendiest decorative materials, a sign made from upcycled pallets would give the perfect shabby-chic welcome for your home. Hang your sign on your front porch for everyday use, or change it up and use it for a summer wedding or afternoon tea.

DIY Playbook
Kaitlin Krull is a writer and mom of two girls living the expat life in the UK. She enjoys writing for the solar panel experts at Modernize with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on fun, eco-friendly DIY home projects with confidence.

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