3 Easy Steps To Killer Abs

3 Easy Steps To Killer Abs

3 Easy Steps To Killer Abs

Introduction To Your 6 Pack

Six pack abs are the holy grail of physical fitness when you ask anyone about the male or female physic. The opposite sex will like us more and people of the same sex will be envious of our perfect torso. The truth is, and many won’t tell you this is that it’s actually not that hard to get those killer abs that you crave so much. Unfortunately for men it’s much easier if you’re female to get those perfect abs.

Although women are genetically wired to carry more fat than men, because there body is naturally preparing to nourish a baby, and obviously fat helps to achieve this. The healthy BMI of a women is between 18% and 20% where as it is 10% to 15% for men.

Women also store fat in different places to men. Women tend to store their fat in Hips, Buttocks and thighs. In fact gluteofemoral fat which is stored in the butt and tops of the legs is often thought to be a sign of strong metabolic health. This is why women find it easier to get to the end goal of an amazing six pack.

Unfortunately for men. The main place they store fat is around the abdomen area which is a bit of a bummer if your goal is killer abs. The dreaded beer belly has dashed many a dream of the glorious six pack, but not to worry. It may not be as easy to get abs if you are a man but it’s certainly not that difficult if you follow the right plan of attack. Plan Your 6 Pack Here For FREE

Firstly for both men and women you need to get down to that healthy BMI we spoke about earlier. Men at 10% to 15% and women at 18% and 20%. You might be very surprised when you get here to see that your abs are already pronounced so you have already fought half the battle. The way to get to this point is to eat a healthy, well balanced diet. You need to be sure you keep your body well-nourished with the essential vitamins and minerals while lowering your BMI at the same time.

Phase 1

What Foods To Eat

Protein drinks for example are a great way to lower your BMI while still making sure you stay healthy and always feel full. This is because protein has a high thermic effect which basically means it’s difficult for your body to digest. As a result of this you spend more energy breaking it down when digesting it. To work out how many grams of protein you would need each day, you need to multiply your weight in lbs by 0.8, so for a 170lb person that’s 136 grams of protein a day.

You should also try and opt for lean meats such as turkey and chicken breast without the skin. Tuna and salmon help to keep Omega3 up and also try and keep snacks to just nuts seeds and beans. To bulk out your diet you need to stick to healthy whole grain foods which help provide carbohydrates that keep you energised, fruit and vegetables provide you with vitamins, minerals and fibre, and plenty of dairy foods which give you calcium and natural protein.

Accelerate your weight loss…

To help speed up the weight loss and get to your BMI goal you need to carry out some aerobic activities. These help to speed up the burning of unwanted calories and together with eating healthily will speed up your advance towards your killer abs goal. If you are new to cardio you must start off gradually with something easy such as a brisk walk once per day.

As we are trying to target our abdominal muscles it’s a good idea to try using what is called a sweat belt or Ab belt to help target the stomach area. The reason these are so successful is because of what they target. See how to get hold of a free sweat belt here…

Sweat Belt/Ab Belt

The simple answer to this is yes. Let me explain how. Firstly let me dispel the myth that only overweight unhealthy people sweat. The actual truth is that the healthier you are the more likely you are to sweat. So if you are determined to get to your ideal BMI you better be prepared to sweat…a lot! The reason you sweat more as you get fitter is your body needs to work harder to keep you cool.

Another more direct reason that sweating helps you lose weight is detoxification, which is directly related to weight loss. As our bodies are overloaded with toxins from pollution, poor diet, pesticides, food additives, caffeine and alcohol. Any number of health problems can occur including headaches, bloating and fatigue, but the main problems are often weight gain and cellulite. Your body holds these toxins in your fat store so it keeps them away from the body’s main organs. As sweating is the best way to release these toxins from the body then it stands to reason that excessively sweating in any given area will release massive amounts of unwanted toxins, therefore breaking down that targeted fat store while also ridding the area off access water which further helps to loose inches. As these sweat belts are designed to be inconspicuous they are really easy to wear when going about your normal daily chores. This has the added benefit that whether you are just starting on your road to fitness, or you are already an avid fitness nut you can still benefit from wearing a sweat belt as it just enhances the exercise you are already doing.

Tracking Your Progress

It’s often a great idea to keep a close track of your body measurements. Some people may go a bit too far while losing weight and this can be dangerous. To keep track of your vital statistics you can use something like a body tracking software, this allows you to measure any part of the body that you want to track and plot it in the program. As you regularly plot your measurements you see a graph developing, this allows you to easily see if you’re losing weight too fast or it gives you a massive boost as you can see in black and white how great you are progressing.

This is what we call stage one of operation killer abs. As we have already said, in order for you to see your abs developing you first need to be able to see your abs. Getting your free sweat belt/Ab belt is the ideal way to do this.

Phase 2

Now you are getting nearer to your ideal BMI you can move on to stage 2. In this section we need to start targeting our core fitness. There is no point just working on your abs without working the whole core as this can lead to a back injury. The way we make sure this does not happen is to use something designed specifically for this job.

The Ab Wheel/Ab Roller

At first glance this can look like a very simple piece of equipment. But don’t let that fool you. The Ab roller is actually an amazing piece of home gym equipment, which when used as directed can build muscle in not only your Abs but also your back which helps to build the solid core that we need.

Balancing Your Core

The Ab Roller actually works a number of muscle groups when used correctly. The major muscles worked with the Ab Roller are obviously the abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominis (the so-called six-pack), the underlying transversus abdominis and the oblique’s which are situated down your sides. What many people don’t realise is that your lat’s, triceps, hip flexors, pectorals, trapezius muscles and glutes also will be worked with the exercise wheel, not to the extent that your core does but as your body tries to balance these muscles are used. It’s a great idea to use the sweat belt in conjuction with the ab roller to maximise results. Get them both for free here.

This is where the differences are between using the ab wheel and doing more regular exercises such as crunches and sit ups. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because the exercise wheel hits many more muscle groups, you get less of a work out on your abs. This isn’t the case. The ab wheel will target your abs and your back while also hitting other smaller muscle groups which get a work out trying to keep your weight distributed correctly.

Ab Wheel Exercises

The traditional way of using the ab wheel is to grasp it in both hands and while on your knees you roll out forward until you reach the plank position. You then reverse that and roll back to your start position without arching your spine. If you want to target a different muscle like your oblique’s then you can roll out at a slight angle. When you have been using it for a while you might want to up the intensity by starting from a standing position. You reach down and grab the ab roller and roll forward from there all the way out to the plank position. You then reverse this as before till you are back in your original pose. Again please regulate the amount of sets you do when you first get started. You will be amazed at how good this works and over doing it at the start may slow down your overall progress.

Phase 3

Ok so now you are at your ideal BMI and you have been ripping it up for a month or so with the ab wheel. You can now see some great definition in your abs and your body generally. Don’t forget the ab wheel hits lots of muscle groups so you WILL notice that lots of your body is getting much more defined. Hopefully you have remembered to keep a track of your progress using the body tracker software we spoke of earlier. Not only will this keep you going when you sometimes feel like you don’t want to work out. Also when people start noticing how good your new killer abs look they WILL be coming over asking how you got so ripped in such a short space of time. Having the data to show people how quickly you progressed might just give them the incentive they need to start and do the same. What better way to top of your new body than helping someone else also achieve theirs.

But were not quite done yet…

Electronic Muscle Toning Belts/Electronic Ab Belts (EAB)

Let’s start by explaining what the electronic ab belt does. Many people think that the electronic ab belt does the same job as the normal sweat belt/ab belt we spoke of in phase1. This is definitely not the case. While the normal ab belt is designed to help you lose the fat around the waist by causing a sauna effect that is concentrated around your tummy while working out, and has the effect off stripping back the unwanted fat so you can actually see the abdominal muscle.

There are certain people that will tell you that the electronic ab belt will get you killer abs in no time by sitting on your backside while eating cakes and sweets. Unfortunately this is not the truth. In fact it’s rubbish. I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you there is a miracle way to acquire your killer abs without any hard work what so ever. There is however a free way to aquire an Electronic Ab Belt, see here.

What I can tell you is this, electronic ab belts do work for the purpose in which they were made. They were designed to target the muscles which other ab exercises find difficult to reach. Firstly the EAB will stimulate the rectus abdominis (6 pack) and the oblique’s on the side of the body which are notoriously hard to work and help shape your waist, it also hits your transversus abdominis which are deep within the abdomen. The EAB is is used to polish all the hard work that you have already put in when using your normal ab belt and working through the phases using your ab wheel as well.

The EAB is an entirely different piece of equipment. Although it is used to get to the same end goal as the normal ab belt, the EAB has been designed to reach certain muscles which are ordinarily really difficult to work and it does this by using electronic impulses. Although we can use the ab wheel to target the muscle groups in general the EAB can laser target the muscles what want to be most pronounced.

Benefits of Using Muscle Toning Belts

So what are the benefits of using the EAB? Firstly let me emphasize that the EAB is not a substitute for healthy eating and plenty of exercise. However in today’s modern world finding the time to fit everything in is very hard and unfortunately looking after our bodies often comes bottom of our to do lists. The EAB allows you to still work those abs while doing other more mundane tasks such as cooking or shopping. You can even wear it at work so you can still put some overtime in or wear it at home while watching television. So as you can see the EAB is a fantastic way for busy people to still commit to their health and fitness while keeping up with whatever today can throw at them.

I hope the above article has been of help to you in your quest for the perfect abs. Please remember that although using the equipment we have recommended will get you your perfect killer abs, it does require some hard work on your part too. Remember to keep track of your progress using the free body tracker software so you can remind yourself how well you are doing if you ever feel like giving up.

Most important: Please read and adhere to all the instructions that you receive with your ab equipment. Saving 5 minutes at the beginning and not reading instructions could end up with you getting hurt and having to postpone showing off your killer abs…

Want A Shortcut To Killer Abs?

We appreciate that you’re dying to get those killer Abs to show off to everyone. Or maybe you just arn’t happy with your body and would love to do something about it.

I suppose it is easier to get talking to that fit guy/girl at the gym if you already have a toned body. You already have something in common to break the ice.

It’s quite an expense for all this equipment maybe you just can’t afford it at the moment?

Maybe you just don’t have time to get those killer Abs you always wanted.

What if I told you there may be an answer!

What if I told you that you could get your hands on a Sweat Belt an Ab Roller and a Muscle Toning Belt and they were all FREE!

Do you think you could find the time to create perfect Abs if all this equipment was for nothing?

Great! I thought so.


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