Day 80 - Joakim desk chair from IKEA

Day 80 – Joakim desk chair from IKEA

Day 80 - Joakim desk chair from IKEA

There’s only one thing I’ve expressed any interest in for my birthday (other than the new Dave Gahan album that comes out next week, and some carnal desires fulfilled that birthday candle wishes won’t make happen) and that was this high-rated chair. I’ve been using a low dining room chair, which replaces a wooden chair which is still in my office folded in half (hint: it’s not a folding chair) as a catch-all, which replaces the previous medium-rating IKEA chair which lasted about six months at most. The instructions for this were three pictograms so I take that to mean it’s built pretty sturdy. And at the price they ask ($180) it’d better be!

There’s nothing else significant about the day or its happenings to mention. I forgot to plan some Dyonesian revelry and lacked suitable guests to invite. But for once I had the day off from work (I never ask for my birthday off so have worked on it several times) so I got to enjoy my day alone at home… woot! [sarcasm]

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