Fall colours near the Highwood River

Fall colours near the Highwood River

Fall colours near the Highwood River

This photo was taken from the Saskatoon Farm, looking down into the valley of the Highwood River. The bands of fall colours made a beautiful sight.

My daughter finally had a day free for us to get together on 23 September 2018. She suggested we could go to the Saskatoon Farm, a place we both love, for breakfast and a wander round the grounds with our cameras. After that, we drove west to Granary Road. Though the Active Learning Park had closed for the fall and winter, it was open for the day on the day we went. It covers a large area and has all sorts of educational areas, including a mushroom area and a farm animal area. We had fun trying to photograph a group of funny Alpacas there. A Turkey took me totally by surprise! I had never seen a white Turkey before, only the darker Wild Turkeys. This domestic Turkey was beautiful with its white feathers edged in black.

I had been hoping to get over to Granary Road all summer, but it just didn’t happen. This is a fairly new market garden, SW of the city, with an Active Learning Park, too. Before this, the area was simply a huge, empty field, except for the row of five old, red granaries/sheds. I was very disappointed some time ago, when I first saw what was being planned for that particular area. Most of all, I and many other photographers, were horrified when we discovered that the row of old granaries had been removed from the landscape. Some of you may remember my photos of these granaries, which I called "The Famous Five". They have been replaced by five new, red sheds which, I have to say, look better than I had originally thought.

Link for my album, "The Famous Five" – 25 images of the original, old row of five, red granaries.


There was thick fog in places on this day, but it didn’t seem to affect photographing objects that were close. My favourite kind of day, spending time with my daughter.

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