Oxford Bus Company ‘City3’ 601 - GB14 OXF

Oxford Bus Company ‘City3’ 601 – GB14 OXF

Oxford Bus Company ‘City3’ 601 - GB14 OXF

There it is. The first production Enviro400 MMC. There are the ADL prototypes that came before it, of course, but according to BLotW, body number D445/1 was the very one that started it all. The continuation of the hugely popular Enviro400 range the world over, this so-called "designed for the industry, by the industry" type has been on the trot for about eight years now, and has quickly become part of the woodwork in many fleets around the country. Who would’ve thought that Oxford was where it all started? These days, the first production E400MMC looks a bit different now, but as it comes up to ten years of age, maybe this might one day find a home back in its original livery in the all-new Trident House museum?

The very first production Enviro400 MMC, if BLotW is to be belived, the Oxford Bus Company’s ‘CityX3’-branded 601, a 2014 ADL Enviro400 MMC new for BROOKESbus services, turns onto the High Street on an X3 for Oxford and Barton.

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